30 March 2012

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Terremoto de Jerez

¡Flamenco Earthquake!

The voice of Fernando Terremoto (1969 - 2010) echoed the flamenco of his ancestors. Especially that of his father, the great gypsy singer Terremoto de Jerez of whom people used to say: ‘if pain was ever beautiful, it was when Terremoto sang’. His son Fernando Jr had the same hoarse voice forged from the most precious of metals, full of musicality and capable of causing an inner ‘landslide’. A star cast of dancers, singers and guitarists from Jerez de la Frontera will play a grand musical performance at this Flamenco Biennial in honour of the singer. It is a celebration of life, of tradition and of the rhythms of Jerez, that inexhaustible flamenco breeding ground. Rhythm king Diego Carrasco weaves like a juggler through the mosaic of gypsy families, young and old that are gathered on stage: Los Moneo, Los Zambo, Los de La Morena, Los Méndez. All this driven along by the guitars of Moraíto Chico and his son Diego del Morao, masters of the soniquete (swing) of Jerez.

Jerez will show itself in all its splendour in Amsterdam. There is only one adopted son: Miguel Poveda. This singer from Barcelona, who has bowled over audiences all over the world and brought the previous Biennial to a glorious close, has found his second home in Jerez and will pay special tribute to his friend Fernando Terremoto.

This unique line-up of stars is sure to produce an evening crammed full of rhythm as only people from Jerez can provide. We are expecting a little Terremoto de Jerez in Amsterdam.

Interview Diego del Morao (ES) 
Article on the Morao family (NL)

Terremoto de Jerez

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Special guests Miquel Poveda (vocals), Diego Carrasco (vocals, guitar), Joaquín Grilo (dance)
Vocals ‘El Torta’, Jesús Méndez  
Guitar Diego del Morao, Curro Carrasco
Dance Tía Curra, Luisa Fernández Pantoja  
Palmas Carlos Grilo, Luis Peña ‘Cantarote’
Percussie en palmas Anné Carrasco, Luis Carrasco  
Musical director Faustino Núñez, Moraíto Chico  
Production Dezza Producciones  
Concept Ernestina van de Noort
Photo's Maxi Del Campo